I am passionate about Jesus, life, love, food, and anything under the sun! I am fond of seeing the beauty of life's imperfections. I want to be able to share to the world how explicitly crafted every person, every experience, and every moment is.

Thank you Lord for the nice weather ❤ (at Royal Springs)
I have always been a Star Wars fanatic. Okay, maybe i’m not like those super geeks who would line up to a Star Wars movie, but I seriously love it. 

It amazes me how my son got into it as well. He’s not just into the movies but also with anything Star Wars.

Here he is with his Star Wars tent, which we got him shortly after he turned 4.
I remember how my mom always told us not to eat isaw, which is barbecued chicken intestine.

I recall how she would nag about how bad it is for us and all that, but it had always been a childhood favorite.

I personally prefer it thin and crispy, too bad this batch from the pic that I ordered from Isaw Haus wasn’t.
Getting ready for my sister’s wedding! 

Regretted the fact that I was the first to be made up and by the time the wedding started, I already looked haggard. LOL.
Look what I made Bestie!!! Lol. Too bad you’re not here to enjoy it! :p
Looking at you takes all the stress away. :) (at Minor Basilica of San Sebastian (San Sebatian Church))
My cutiepatootie is growing up too fast!  (at The Minor Basilica of San Sebastian)
Our view from our hotel room! (at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila)
A night with the family! (at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila)
My Cheesy Baked Macaroni!
My dad’s super yummy Squid Adobo! 

Seriously, I think it is the best. I watched him while he made it. He didn’t measure anything, just literally put a little of this and that to the pan and it as always, without fail, turns absolutely good!
My Little Handy Manny!!!  

Jared, received this gift from his dad for Christmas. He was definitely ecstatic!
My source of happiness. :)
An awesome weather to be out to play! :)
Yummm!!! Happy 33rd Birthday Mr. Noldy. :)